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The Travel Agents Database Elite Edition is a computer system, which has been developed to run in Windows using Microsoft Access as its platform. It is a system, which has been designed in full consultation with a number of travel agents, which has led to it being comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use. It allows multiple tour operators to be added to each booking (ideal for those tailormade holidays), detailed itinerary production, full invoice and receipt printing, along with a range of letters and forms make it easy to control your information and that given to your customers. It has facilities to calculate your insurance and BSP costs, and will produce monthly reports on what is due. By entering details of the payments paid out the system can produce a variety of reports to analyse your business to help with banking, analysis of payments, volume of business booked, actual business figures regarding files and their profitability, business figures by operator and more.

With more than 100 customers (approx 40 from Worldchoice, 30 from Elite Travel Group, and 8 from Advantage) currently using M.S.M`s travel products TAD has been tried and tested, but never destructed! Travel Agents currently using the system include Knighton Travel, Kitts Travel (2 shops), Water Orton Travel, Walmley Travel centre, Carrick Travel (8 shops, Traveltime (6 Shops), and Travelstop (2 Shops). To run TAD you will need PCs` with the minimum recommended specification of Pentium P3 700 with 256 meg of RAM. The operating system should be Windows 2000 or higher.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact John Woodward of M.S.M.(Tamworth) Ltd on 01827 330564.

Key features include:

  • A customer database.
  • A total holiday record allowing multiple Operator/Airline/Insurance information, itinerary production, and Travellers Names within one record.
  • A payment received record for each holiday or travel arrangement. create an automated receipt with the appropriate Tour Operator licence number.
  • A pay out record for each booking recording commission & VAT amounts.
  • An Insurance record Calculating IPT values for both customer paid & free policies. Creating Detailed reports for Insurance Companies.
  • A BSP record calculating commissions & creating reports for BSP.
  • A Confirmation/Invoice created for each holiday booking.
  • standard letters, Booking Authorisation & Insurance Disclaimer.
  • A detailed Statement of account for each holiday booking.
  • Allows Discounts to be entered and reports produced showing discount values.
  • Reports on balances due, confirmations and tickets not received, and balances due to be paid out.
  • A banking record and a VAT report as often as you require it.
  • Allows batch paying of tour operators.
  • A cash flow forecast.
  • Creates a Company credit card payment report.
  • Business total reports: (a) by customer, (b) by operator, (c) total business sold.
  • An audit trail for outstanding balances.