Providing software that works for you

Driver Control System DCS has been developed to meet the needs of a company who move vehicles from a to b all over the UK. The system starts when the movement order is received from the customer. By entering the movement details and tracking contact to confirm the vehicle status it ensures that the drivers only go to pick up vehicles, which are confirmed as OK to drive. It calculates the maximum amount of fuel that should be used, and once the job cost has been input it will calculate how much the driver has to be paid. It produces job sheets for the driver, which can be posted, faxed or emailed.

The system tracks:

  • Whether the job has already been entered on the system.
  • Which vehicles have not been delivered.
  • Which jobs have not had the paperwork completed from the driver.
  • Which jobs have not been paid out to the drivers.
  • Which jobs have not been invoiced to the customer.
  • The system will also report on quantities of fuel used by drivers, and volumes of business entered.

The success of this system is in its simplicity of operation. This benefits the customer in increased accuracy of work, less paperwork and duplication of information, greater coordination of job status and easier communication with drivers. Easy reporting of job status, fuel usage, business undertaken help with information management and analysis.