My Contact Lenses

Since needing to wear glasses I've always found them a pain, needing to be cleaned, reflecting light, loosing peripheral vision need I go on. Contact lenses seemed to be the answer. These did work to a point, my distance vision was corrected however my reading vision was worse, and my eyes became tired and I was usually ready to take them out by early evening. Laser surgery never appealed to me as I don't want to risk making things worse.

The answer I have now works brilliantly Ortho-K contact lenses. These are gas permeable lenses which I wear at night and take out in the morning allowing me to see perfectly well throughout the day whether I want distance or reading vision. Comfort during the day is perfect as I do not wear anything and at night I put my lenses in and go to bed. I know they are there but they have never stopped me sleeping and the comfort improved over a few weeks so now I would say they are reasonably comfortable.

I am told that the treatment is completely reversible, so if I leave the lenses out for a number of days my vision will revert back to where it was (not that I`ll be doing that) and if my vision changes they can modify my lenses to suite.

Ask me to use one word to sum this up and I would say "fantastic".

I have got these lenses through Scrivens opticians, however a number of other opticians also offer this service.

I came across the following video in which Phillip Schofield describes documents his experience with these lenses.